Farm Tour Terms and Conditions

You have agreed to participate in a tour of Greenhood Pte. Ltd. (“Greenhood”)’s farm (“the Tour”). Whilst Greenhood upholds the highest safety standards and believes the Tour to be safe for public participation, the Tour takes place on a working farm which carries risks, and the possibility of harm. Please read the below to confirm that you acknowledge and accept these risks on your own behalf and on behalf of any child under your care.

​I voluntarily participate in the Tour at my own risk, and assume sole responsibility for any sickness, injury, death and/or permanent disability or property loss or damage, I or any child under my care, may suffer that arises from my/our participation in the Tour, even if arising from the negligence of Greenhood or its employees.

​I agree to follow the directions of any tour guide and that any misconduct, or refusal by me to follow any direction of the guide may result in the cancellation of my participation in the Tour and my immediate expulsion from the farm. I warrant that I have not consumed alcohol or taken any mind altering drugs prior to the Tour. I take full responsibility for any injury, loss or damage associated with any misconduct, non-compliance with any directions of Greenhood’s representatives, or any breaches of Greenhood’s terms and conditions.

​To the extent permitted by law, I, for myself and on behalf of any child under my care, hereby hold harmless, agree to indemnify and agree not to sue Greenhood and/or any individual employees, other participants, and if applicable, owners and lessors of premises used to conduct the activities (all of whom are referred to as “Releasees”) with respect to any and all sickness, injury, disability, death, or loss or damage to person or property, whether caused by the negligence of the Releasees or otherwise.