Our vision
Our vision is to create a sustainable food system that feeds the local communities by maximizing farm efficiency while conserving depleting resources of land, water, and energy. We aim to build a healthier and greener world for all of us to enjoy.

Our mission
Pioneering innovative technologies, we are creating sustainable and energy-efficient farming a reality. Through these capabilities, we believe that everyone can enjoy the benefits of healthy eating and a sustainable lifestyle. We want to bring families, communities and like-minded organisations together so we can collaborate and make a better future for everyone.


Greenhood came into being with a mission of serving urban populations with healthy pesticide-free greens through a sustainable, farm-to-table concept. In a land-scarce Singapore, we developed a unique rooftop-based solution that transforms unutilized spaces into a utopia of clean and beautiful greens. We have designed our own proprietary vertical grow technology with a focus on productivity, quality and sustainability. Furthermore, we bring our neighbourhood community together to participate in our efforts in building a more secure and sustainable food system.

We bid for and won Singapore’s 1st HDB rooftop urban farming tender; and are privileged to be able to make a small impact towards UN sustainability goals and Singapore's 30x30 food security goal.